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The Italian Vessels shipyard is based in the port town of Termoli, on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea in Italy, just a 3-hours’ drive from Rome by freeway.

The shipyard has undergone substantial reconstruction under the new owners, Messrs. Parigi, who have more than 50 years of experience in the naval industry. The Parigis are the owners of Italian Vessels SRL., a shipbuilding company which was established at the end of 2014 when the family bought the Termoli shipyard.

The family goal of the owners with this purchase was to restore the famous Termoli shipyard, which had a tradition of more than 20 years of all sorts of shipbuilding and ship repair activities, completing more than 200 ships, including mega-yachts, tugboats, trawlers and tankers.

The family embarked on a bold transformation and is now proud to show a fully transformed shipyard with the finest Italian craftsmanship in yacht construction, guided by the inspired designs of leading naval architects and engineers, under the guidance and solid management of family senior members, exhibiting their state-of-the-art vision of Yachting Built in Italy.

In addition to the highly skilled shipyard labor force, Italian Vessels will mobilise the know-how and the combined expertise of a variety of related firms, which enhance the craftsmanship of Italian Vessels and allow the newly refitted shipyard to carry out work and construction of the highest quality in a timely manner.

The shipyard is accredited under UNI EN ISO 9001.2015.


Division Premium Yachts

Together with trustworthy designers and engineers, Italian Vessels designs and produces steel and light alloy yachts using the building methods used in the Commercial Division, which it has learned from its experience, ensuring solid construction and thus optimum protection for the new boats.

Two new lines planned by architect Tommaso Spadolini for exterior-interior design and by engineer Umberto Tagliavini for engineering are being proposed by Italian Vessels: Big Spaceline and Enjoy Yachts line.

Both lines contain buildings with lengths of 70 ‘, 93.9′ (under construction) and 130’ feet.

The Big Spaceline, the first unit of which is currently at the start of construction, will be 93.9 ‘long and has been built for owners who wish to enjoy the sea without compromising and admire vast open spaces and convenient indoor areas, especially if they want to use it for chartering and if they want to use it directly. The variant with 5 cabins is suggested in the first case, and the version with 3 or 4 cabins in the second case. The boats maintain positive solidity and safe navigation, great autonomy, and decreased use from a seafaring point of view.

The Enjoy Yachts line was planned by the shipyard and the builders for owners who are inclined to experience the sea and enjoy the yacht in numerous ways: for those that enjoy hosting visitors and arranging activities and parties using the wide outdoor areas, or for the classic family that enjoys sport, water sports and few guests on board. As a service yacht, the Enjoy Yachts are also suitable and available for megayachts.

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Page updated on 16 November 2020