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Moncada Yachts: innovation thrives on networking.

At Moncada Yachts we pride ourselves with a network of shipyards that represent Made in Italy excellence in luxury yachting.

Moncada Yachts, yachting charter and brokerage since 1963, celebrates a long friendship with Codecasa Shipyards, an historical Italian family run business like us, committed to excellence in luxury yachts design and construction. In our fleet, Codecasa MY South Paw is one of the most requested yachts for charter.

Yacht building at Codecasa shipyard

The beginnings of Codecasa

1825: the first horse-drawn omnibuses are established in London and Johann Strauss is born. Viareggio, on the Italian coast, is a fishermen’s village full of reeds, muddy lake surfaces, watchtowers against pirates, and a few rare shacks. Here “Master of the ax” (master carpenter) Giovanni Battista Codecasa builds bricks, schooners and barcobestia, a large commercial boat whose name derives from the distortion of the English “the best bark”.

This is the beginning of the glorious history of Shipyards Codecasa, spanning over two centuries with the construction of almost every type of naval vessel: commercial sailing ships, fishing boats, container ships, patrol boats for the Coast Guard, offshore racing boats, steel displacement yachts up to 65 meters, aluminum open yachts from 35 to 50 meters.


Codecasa Shipyards Today

Fulvio Codecasa, CEO of the Group, brought Codecasa Shipyards into the luxury yachting sector in the 1970s, with the launch in 1970 of a 25 meters boat with an explorer look, designed together with the architect Franco Harrauer: the Gram. Today the Shipyards are leaders in the construction of large steel and aluminum yachts up to 72 meters and fast open yachts totally in aluminum up to 50 meters. Among them, Moneikos built for Leonardo del Vecchio president of Luxottica, Maìn built for Giorgio Armani, and Maybe owned by Bulgari. Respectable internal volumes and low speed and consumption make this type of yacht suitable for long distances in any weather and sea conditions.

New yacht design by Codecasa

At the moment the Shipyards are working on two ambitious projects: the innovative 70-meter Codecasa Jet 2020, above, reinterpreting the typical lines of aviation in nautical key, and the Codecasa Gentleman’s Yacht, 24 meters, below.

Codecasa motor yacht running
The Codecasa team

Over two centuries, generations of the Codecasa family have succeeded in leading the company with brio – a family business in the true sense of the term. Many members of Fulvio Codecasa’s family have a management role within the company, such as the daughters Fulvia and Elena and their husbands, the two sons of Fulvia, Matteo and Niccolò Buonomo, who have joined their grandfather, parents and uncles in the management of the company.

Numerous customers feel perfectly at home in this setting. Working directly with the owner of the company reassures and guarantees the realization of custom preferences. Fulvio is all over the place, he has everything under control and verifies the smallest details until he gets as close to the level of perfection as possible. From conception to implementation, through  design, he will not hesitate to start the process from the start until he gets what he wants.

Trust is key at Codecasa: the shipyards continuously build trust with customers, as well as with collaborators. The shipyard is faithful to its previous achievements too: a new Yacht builds upon the lines of the previous one and measures  improvement with the excellence of large and small parts. Quality standards of absolute excellence, maximum flexibility in design and construction, punctuality in deliveries: Codecasa Yachts are an Italian Shipyards known and appreciated all over the world.

At Codecasa, evolution beats revolution.

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Codecasa Shipyard, since 1825

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